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We’ve just released our first flip book of recently completed projects.

This issue features projects for Violia Transdev, Birmingham Town Hall and Symphony Hall, Alliance Planning, Eurocell, BRAP and more.

This month we’ve released a new iPhone application, an HTML5 and iPad friendly configurator, an equalities exhibition, branding, photography and look book for a new UK denim label, some really clever engineered print, a new brand and printed literature for another UK Planning agency and a stack of print & pop up banners at Symphony Hall.

Some of the highlights can be seen in the document below:

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Morning walk
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Well, nowhere bad..

We’re moving over to a new hosting and design framework that will bring this blog and the magazine into one place. In the meantime, we’ve pulled the old site down. Expect an all new experience veh veh soon. The new site will allow us to feature contributors in a more complete way and will show the work, well, nicer really. Added to that, we’ll be better on SEO, quicker to update and generally in a better / easier place. Plus, we’ll be able to sell the books and stuff, which is nice

We released the Manifesto at the end of 2011 as a digital preview release. The printed version will be available from the new web site. SHINY!

here’s the preview of the Manifesto. Be warned.. it is not safe for work, but it is great on the eye.

Click my shoe (Taken with instagram)
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